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When he came into this world

he let out a gentle cry.

Average length average weight

he had daddy's nose and momma's eyes.


The nurses bathed him and dressed him

then wrapped him like a tight glove.

Then gave him to his mother

who held him close with love.


Days turned into weeks and then into months

as he grew and grew.

Before long he was taking small steps

first one then two.


On his first birthday he received

toy trucks and cars and a bouncy ball.

What caught his eye the most

was a beautiful baby doll.


Everywhere he went

he would hold the doll close.

Mother always saw this

but daddy noticed the most.


As time went on

his dad would push him away.

His mom held him closer

but dad couldn't stay.


His mother knew then

that nothing would stop her now.

To let her little man grow

into a beautiful child.


He loved pink and glitter

and played with his tea set.

Then told his mother one day

to please get him a beautiful dress.


Once in his first dress

he gave it a twirl.

His mother saw then

he will make such a beautiful girl.


That first trip to the doctor

would be one to remember.

She found out that day

her son was transgendered.


Because of what the doctor

had said to her that day

She had to let Randy

start living as Renee.


Several years have passed now

and Renee is older.

Of all the people I've known

there are none bolder.


So if you come across a transgendered child

please give them a big hug.

It is so important that they know

that they are loved.

  •  Anonymous Dad

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Posted on 10:29AM on Nov 20th, 2013
This is a beautiful poem. It brought tears to my eyes.
Posted on 08:18AM on Apr 16th, 2015
One of the remarkable side effects of the Internet and modern communication is the additional information available to those who seek it out. When i was a young lad and getting interested in my aunties panties, i kept it hidden and felt ashamed. Oh that I had known there were others in my situation and that it was "okay" to be me, even if it was not what everyone else expected......Kudos to that Dad for broadening his sight to include the hidden folk and bless him for sharing.
Posted on 08:12PM on Apr 27th, 2015
Message me, need to talk
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